Focus Before Clarity

We need anchorage in an ever-floating world. As our planet spins faster, losing grip is easy but dangerous: we drop away from things and thoughts. The nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs that predicate daily life must be witnessed, or else, forgotten. The most basic of forms are found outdoors.

Contemporary logic holds that a life without clarity is unconscionable; but, when we turn to nature, it becomes clear that human experience is clear as mud, lasting as fog. Therefore, a life fully lived focuses on experience before clarity, lest we forget that climbing one mountain reveals the many left to consider, then climb.

The purpose of Muddy Foggy is to present a subjective glance of the outdoor world. Words, images, and sounds will be pointed and pithy. Above all, nature and its greater firmament will be mindfully explored, recognizing humanity as a culture and species to be shared. Together, this will provide readers of Muddy Foggy with well-wrought nature thought.