So gauzy their focus, they look behind a mirror to see what causes the reflection. Where from? What fell? What do we do?

Urgent storms passed on through tree-roots, through saturated soils in this California winter. So the ground shifted like a surprised drunkard, besotten with the dragging force of its own cumulative mass. As former hillsides across the Coastal Range disintegrated, natural inertia overcame our human preference for statisticity; a marked trail now stands an unmarked scar.

That is, until the amateur surveyors bring the tool-ready purveyors of wisdom and experience and standard building procedure. To refashion the hillside for human use – presuming the walking-path of man should not evolve with earthly movements – forgets the fundamental benefits of the outdoors: to witness change. Leave this and go elsewhere!

Reinstating anachronisms, no matter the size or scale, makes mockery of environmentalists and tests the will of the environment. Better to reflect the world as its own entity, not as once we made it.

[Creative Commons Photo, USDA]