Curiosities and small thoughts must lead somewhere… Here’s a few sophistries to give unflinching belief in outdoors advertising a different meaning this week:

You thought that one hiking pole would be half-the-price but 50% of the benefit? Oh no.

Was it you who didn’t treat your water because the stream was clear? Ouch.

Who brought deodorant? That was you? At least the bears like it.

Nice jersey. Goes with your bike. Does the color coordination make you go faster?

A vest? Why thank you – to think I’ve spent all these years worrying about arms as well.

Well it does have more zippers. I guess it must be better.

You’re right. Those yoga pants really do make you look like you don’t practice yoga.

The outdoors are worth a few silly thoughts for every serious consideration. These gear-related questions are not scientific, just thoughts of experience, invention, or both!

 [Creative commons photo]